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What is Alexa Rank Checker

Very simply, a web-based SEO tool that helps to check the Alexa rank of any website depending on its familiarity and visitor’s number for the last three months. This tool shows the result based on Alexa toolbar users. It allows you to check multiple numbers of website’s ranking position at the same time. You can see the Alexa rank of a website over the world as well as that country. It also points out the country where the website is most popular and the number of visitors. You can get the complete traffic details of any website through this tool.

Our free Alexa rank checker tool serves you the best service for checking the Alexa rank of any particular website. This is the ultimate tool for understanding the exact position of your website in online and improves the ranking position as well.

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What Is Alexa Ranking

Alexa is a web analytics company powered by Amazon. It runs many services to serve different needs.

Alexa ranking is the measurement of any website’s popularity and survival ability. It is estimated by the information that the tool collects from different toolbars and web browser extensions. According to the Alexa toolbar users, Alexa ranking is decided.

The most popular website holds the number one position and then the next second most popular website holds the number two position. That’s how a million websites are listed serially according to their popularity.

How Important Checking Alexa Rank

Alexa rank shows your position as well as any website’s position in online. This is the best way to analyze your traffic details effectively. You can use these details to-

Analyze Yourself- If you have a website of your own, you can check your Alexa rank for getting an absolute idea about your site’s popularity. You can see how many visitors have visited your site for the last three months. Checking Alexa rank regularly helps you to monitor your site’s progress.

Compare Your Website- Alexa rank shows millions of website’s rank. So, you can compare your website’s rank with the leading one. This will help you to understand why they are leading. You can follow their strategy to improve your Alexa rank.

Increase Your Marketing Value- You can find out the most popular websites by checking Alexa rank to advertise your brand, products, services or company. This will help you to get more consumers to your business.

Get Popular Backlinks Through Alexa rank traffic details, you can point out top-charted websites. If any top-charted website is relevant to your website, you can use that site’s URL as a backlink of your site. This will help you to get better traffic and better ranking position on SERPs.

For these reasons, you should check Alexa rank regularly.

Alexa Rank Checker Tool Details

This is an SEO tool that allows checking any website’s Alexa rank. You can check your Alexa rank or others. You just need to enter the URLs that you want to check. It will serve you the result automatically within seconds. The result is based on your popularity to Alexa toolbar users. By the result, you can examine your web traffic as well as your competitors. No doubt that this is an amazing tool by Alexa to observe your site’s progress day by day.

The specialty of Our Tool

We are providing a free newly developed Alexa rank checker tool for the benefit of your website. Although there are many similar tool providers all around the world, this one is the best of all. This tool is developed with the latest technology and serves you with more accurate results than the other checkers. It is the easiest also and lets you check multiple numbers of website’s Alexa rank at the same time. Isn’t the tool interesting? This tool is the best choice for checking your Alexa rank and ultimate traffic details. So, we highly recommend you to experience this specific tool with us and enjoy the effortless journey ever.

How to Use This Tool

This tool is so easy to use. Just follow the steps from below and easily check the Alexa Rank of your websites. The steps are-

Step1: First, enter a URL that you want to check into the “Alexa Rank Checker” box.

Step 2: Then click on the “Submit” button.

After that, our server will present the entire result page within a few seconds. The result page contains few sells with different data. Here I’m going to tell you that, which data means what!

Result’s Page Analysis

Most of these tools show data like this-

  1. Global Rank– Global Rank is the rank of the website that shows the website rank of all over the world.
  2. Popularity at It shows how many different people have liked your website.
  3. Regional Rank It shows the ranking position of the website in the certain country.
  4. Backlinks Backlinks shows the backlinks’ number of the website.
  5. Traffic RankTraffic Rank shows the traffic data of the site.
  6. Search Engine Traffic It shows how many people have visited your website by clicking on the link from Google. I mean the visitors who have arrived in the website from the search result on Google.

These data show you the final traffic details very clearly. You can get a crystal clear idea about your progress or regress.

Why Use This Tool

If you have a website of your own, checking Alexa rank is important for you to check how many people like your website. This Alexa rank checker tool helps you to know about your traffic and popularity. Through this tool, you can see your Alexa rank based on Alexa toolbar users and compare your website with the competitor’s one. You can analyze the top-charted website to know why their Alexa rank is better than yours. This is also helpful to improve your traffic by following them. To get all those advantages, you should use this tool.

To Sum Up

Alexa ranking indicates your website’s popularity and acceptability to the visitors. So, the tool Alexa rank checker is in great need. This is the best way to check the Alexa rank of any website and monitor the improvement of the website.

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