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We are living in the age of technology. Here we are blessed with many Software and tools. Those tools serve different functions for various purposes. The backlink checker is such kind of tool that used in search engine optimization (SEO) worldwide. This tool permits you to access the backlink profile page of any website. You can observe those who are linking to you and what the qualities of the links are. You can also control the linking according to your choice. With the help of this tool, you can also spy on your competitor’s backlink profile to know their secret of ranking and well traffic.

Keeping your needs in mind, we are presenting an exclusive free backlink checker tool for you. You can check your backlinks and their value through the tool within seconds. It helps you to save your time and effort. This tool is getting universality day by day for its outstanding features.

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What Are Backlinks

Backlinks are those external hyperlinks that a website contains. Those links connect the page with another one. It can be in the form of a text known as anchor text or in the form of an image. A web page may have one or more backlinks. The number of backlinks differs from page to page. When someone clicks on a backlink of your web page, the server takes him to the particular webpage linked to your page. Your backlinks must be relevant and top- charted to get better traffic and better ranking position on SERPs.

How Backlinks Impact SEO Factors

Backlinks matter a lot after the appearance of the Google Penguin algorithm. At present, backlinks have a great influence in the field of SEO. Without relevant backlinks, your page will not be evaluated by search engines like Google. Here we described which factors of SEO is affected by backlinks and how.

Ranking PositionBacklinks affect the ranking position of your site on SERPs. Google evaluates your page by testing the quality of your backlinks. High-quality backlinks rank up your position and low-quality backlinks can pull down your SERPs position. So, be careful to select the right backlinks for your website. A backlink checker tool is highly recommended to serve this purpose.

Organic Traffic High-quality backlinks invite traffic to your website. When the visitor clicks on your site’s backlinks and finds them useful they might show interest to visit your site again and follow your blog posts.

Site’s Faster Enlisting Search engines find out a brand-new website by following the link from an existing one. So, if your website is new and has no backlinks, this is quite difficult for search engines to find you and enlist your site to their server. Try to get backlinks from top-charted websites for faster registering.

SEO Marketing- Relevant and high-quality backlinks can positively affect your SEO marketing. Since the backlinks rank up your position and encourage traffic to your website, people show interest in your products or company.

This is how backlinks impact SEO. So, backlinks are in great need proved after the discussion.

What Is a Backlink Checker

An SEO tool in short. This is an excellent tool for checking, analyzing and organizing your backlinks. Throughout this tool, you will be able to enter any website’s backlink profile page. In this page, you can see which site is linking to your site and what their position on SERPs is. If any of the backlinks are irrelevant, you will be notified by the tool. You can also investigate your rival’s backlink profile page and scan their backlinks. This will give you an idea for selecting relevant backlinks and getting a better ranking position.

How Does It Work

This is a simple tool for a great purpose. It works automatically. Our backlink checker tool will provide you a long list of backlinks of the particular domain. For this, all you need to do is to enter your domain name in the box and hit on the “Submit” button. That’s it. You are done. Now, the tool will show you the most popular 100-300 anchor texts and target URLs depending on your selection. This tool also helps to improve your backlink profile as well. Just try once to get a better experience with us within seconds.

Why Should You Check Backlinks Using This Tool

Considering the impact of backlinks on SEO, this tool is outstanding. Since low-quality backlinks can badly affect your traffic and SERPs ranking position, you must be very attentive to find out the proper, relevant and popular backlinks. This tool shows you 100-300 top-charted backlinks option and lets you access any web site’s backlink profile page. It also shows the strategy like lost link recovery and competitor’s backlink profile visit to improve your backlink profile page. Doing these huge tasks yourself is a time-consuming fact. So, an automated tool like this is in great need. This tool will save your time and give you a better opportunity to get the most popular backlinks for your website.

Grab the Advantage with Our Exclusive Tool

We are presenting an exclusive free backlink checker tool for giving you the best advantage. Check out our tool without registering or sign in to our website. We are sworn to serve you the best so that you will experience an easy and effortless journey with this amazing tool. So, what are you waiting for? Have a free trial with this tool and we can assure that you will love the cool tool.

Final Words

In this modern age, the value of backlinks is beyond description. So, the tool “backlink checker” is in great demand also. This tool not only lets you enter any website’s backlink profile page but also helps you to improve your backlink profile. Using this tool is the best way to get top-listed backlinks as well as spy on your competitor’s backlinks. This tool is very effective to decorate your website by high-quality backlinks and get an extra advantage over your competitors. There is no doubt that the tool increases the possibility of good traffic and secures your ranking position on SERPs.

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